Aanco Electric Motor Repair has been serving electric needs since 1946. Performing electric motor repairs & rebuilds on all types of units by different manufacturers gives us the experience and expertise to serve you best. We perform all electric motor repairs in our facility that is designed and equipped with the tools and equipment necessary to do the job right the first time. We have been repairing electric motors/generators from fraction upto 2000 hp. We can save you all this trouble with fast and professional, complete overhaul of your units. We handle AC/DC motors. We do dynamic balancing upto 2 Tons. We repair all types of pumps. We recondition and rewind all types of marine, industrial & commercial ac/dc motors and generators. Upon arrival for repair, each unit is completely disassembled. Every component is then individually inspected and tested mechanically as well as electrically. Worn or defective parts are either replaced or rebuilt to original specifications. As each unit is assembled, tests are performed at every possible step. Once totally assembled, every motor, generator or pump is tested before it leaves our facility to verify that it operates for years to come. It is this attention to every detail of repairs & rebuilds that adds up to an overall quality rebuild. We believe that quality emerges through attitude, desire, and attention to every single detail. Our expert technical support is just a call away and will aid you in every step of solving your problem.